Across 110th Street ★★

There is some interesting camera work, and the editing is fantastic. I also like the true-to-life look and feel that exposes New York City for the complete shit hole that it is...but that's about it.

Who in the hell am I supposed to care about in this movie? Who am I supposed to feel for? The three losers at the beginning? The dumb pimps? The asshole white guy? Any one of the other flat, one-dimensional nobodies? Surely, it isn't supposed to be Captain Cliche or Lieutenant Generic.

How about a little character development? I don't care about a single one of these nobodies. Any character in the entire movie could have died violently on screen and I wouldn't have been affected either way. In fact, I wish most of them were early on so I didn't have to watch them mope around in boring scene after boring scene.

Here's the thing...if you don't give a character - any character - a reason for me to give a toss about them in one way or another, then I can't become interested in what they are doing, and if I'm not interested in what they're doing, then I don't care about what is happening at all, and if I don't care about what is happening in the story, then it's impossible for me to like the movie.

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