Snowpiercer ★★★★½

I need to see this again before I can write a full review, but in the meanwhile, I will say this...

- This movie features some of the best world-building I have ever seen on film.

- I loved how Curtis's journey was always moving toward frame-right. Excellent and elegant use of camera orientation to keep the film's imagery focused, which is a difficult thing to pull off in such a tight space.

- There is so much symbolism in here, it's next to impossible to catch everything on the first viewing. I feel this is the kind of movie that will reward repeat watches, which is also a difficult thing to pull off.

- I absolutely adored how the movie doesn't explain everything that's happening. For instance, we didn't know what those barrels were for until we saw the the action of rushing the open doors. Then we saw the barrels strapped together. Our minds added this together and we understood. Show, don't tell. Telling is boring. Showing is exciting.

- Much like the heroes always moving forward, the story and plot are also always moving forward. The film had a great sense of momentum. It doesn't repeat itself, it doesn't stand still for too long, and it's consistently surprising. There is always something behind the next door that you didn't expect.

- This movie is fucking beautiful.

- The acting is outstanding. I didn't even realize that was Tilda Swinton.

- Here is an excellent example of a film that leaves you with a lot to think about, but doesn't need to tell you exactly what to think. It's mostly in the story and the visuals, with one or two exceptions, but those exceptions nevertheless play heavily on subtext (the aquarium metaphor/discussion is my favorite). Some mainstream Hollywood directors really suck at this.

- The Weinstein Company wanted this film re-cut for american distribution. Bong Joon-ho refused. Because he refused, we have a great movie instead of just another forgettable, dumbed-down piece of shit. Now, imagine all the great movies we'd have if those at the head of the train didn't think those of us in the tail section were all a bunch of idiots.

Beer: Sweet Water IPA - 4/5 (enjoyed this quite a bit more than I expected, much like the film)

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