Lamb ★★

This movie really wants me to believe that Lambs are scary animals. I can’t look at a fluffy lamb and then think “wow this thing is basically Satan”. It tries to balance this eerie feeling while showing these cute creatures and it doesn’t really mesh as well as I think they attempted to. I love atmospheric horror, in fact I tend do adore it, but this is not that. This entire film feels really bland and It reminded me of several different films, all of which have done a similar concept just much better.

All of the characters are fairly one note too, the performances make up for it quite a bit but there isn’t much for them to do throughout the movie. The visuals are pretty great, and are the one consistent good part of this movie for me. There’s plenty of wide shots of beautiful landscapes that really made this situation feel isolating, but there wasn’t much of a justification for this location. In fact the tone of this movie seems at odds with itself and never picks what it wants to be, so it just rides the thin line of both eerie and cute and fails at both. This has been a movie I’ve been wanting to see for quite some time now, and I’m sad to say it wasn’t close to what I’d hoped. Check it out if you want, but it’s definitely not a must-see.

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