Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy

I know I'm late to the party on seeing this movie, but I really didn't want to watch this movie alone and the people I was watching it with had scheduling conflicts. BUT IT'S HERE! I WATCHED IT! SPACE JAM 2! A movie almost nobody asked for except for nostalgia freaks. Does this movie play to that crowd of said nostalgia freaks? Absolutely. If you like jokes where the entire joke is, "wait a second I recognize that character!" and then you begin to violently clap, then this movie is for you. I don't think I enjoyed any of this movie, as pretty much the entire thing comes off as a nostalgic cash grab, who could have predicted that!

Now I'm not one of those people that unironically thinks the original Space Jam is a perfect movie. It's just a weird kids movie that a lot of people saw at a young age that grew a larger audience of die hard fans over time. While I can't say Space Jam is a good movie, I do enjoy watching it, it has this weird experimental 90s charm and personality to it that this sequel lacks entirely. This movie feels so cynical and lacks any sort of charm whatsoever. The first movie had so many weird elements that make you question why that's in a kids movie, this somewhat does that, but not in a fun way. For the first half of this movie, is basically just Warner Brothers flexing on how many famous properties they own.

When people say, "oh haha Space Jam 2 is funny", I'd imagine most of them are just talking about the constant Warner Brother's references. The first hour of this movie is the, "lets recruit the team" cliche in movies like this, they go through different Warner Brothers properties without doing anything clever with them and people will just clap out of recognition. There's one sequence in this movie that made me chuckle somewhat during the Superman segment, but the rest of the times I laughed was at the movie. Throughout this entire movie I was getting Ready Player One vibes because of how many random well known properties they just shove in your face. There's only one scene in my mind that feels very Looney Tunes esque was the Metropolis section where the train was going to hit an orphanage. The rest of the references don't play with the Lonney Tunes humor, it's just "REMEMBER THIS".

The animation is pretty terrible all around. I normally love 2D animation, but the designs and look of the movie just felt so flat. There was hardly anything in the 2D sections that took advantage of the medium in any way that benefitted the movie. Around the midway point it switches to 3D animation and it looks so much worse. At least with 2D the Looney Tunes characters fit, but when they morph into 3D they're just visually disgusting. It's weird that a movie from the 90s is better at meshing it's animated characters with real people than a movie made in 2021.

Overall I don't have much else to say about this one. I can't say it's a passionate dislike for this movie, it's just sort of a bad movie that I won't watch again. I don't know what people expected from a Space Jam 2, but this didn't feel disappointing to me as it did for other people. I'll probably never watch it again because it makes my skin crawl with the constant Warner Brother's reference. I don't recommend this movie.

Edit: Also, just because it's a kids movie doesn't mean it's excused of being a bad movie. Believe it or not, a movie can be a "kids film" and good at the same time. I hate that I even have to say this part, but I've seen this argument way to many times with this movie and other poorly received kids films.

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