The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

This is my second time watching this movie and it really improves on rewatches. This movie is fantastic and I think that goes without saying if you’ve seen any other review of this movie. Both performances are fantastic and they really play off each other. This movie is surprisingly quotable even with the old English speak. If you’re planning on watching this movie I recommend you go into it blind, that’s how I went into it and was really blown away by it.

The cinematography is masterfully done and every shot has a purpose. One thing that really isn’t talked about much with this movie is the score. This movie is a fantastic sinister score to it. It enhances the movie so much and adds this sense of extreme dread when watching it even with the first shots. 

Watch this movie. Do it, do it now. Watch it. My favorite movie from 2019.

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