Everybody Wants Some!! ★★★½

My original review of this was very short because, although I enjoyed the film, I didn't think it warranted any kind of lengthy write-up. I still don't think it does, really but based on everything that has been said about it over the past two months I just wanted to say a few words on how I viewed it.

I enjoyed the movie for what it was; a movie about college male baseball players in 1980. Period. Linklater WAS a male college baseball player in 1980 so, I'm guessing he based this movie (as he does a lot of his films) on his experience. I also asked my husband (who was around the same age as Linklater and grew up in Texas) if this was what guys were like and he said yes. So, in terms of the film's content, I'm not going to fault it. Guys were like this. Hell, some guys are still like this. Sure, I can say I don't like the behavior of the men the movie. I can say they are pigs but, if Linklater is writing from experience, and his teammates were even sort of like that, should I expect him to change the characters to fit the way we want them to be in society today? I say no.

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