Halloween ★★★★

Let's take a trip in the Way Back machine for a moment. Back to the early 80s. I used to babysit these two kids on Friday and Saturday nights while their parents (and my Mum) went to the Moose Lodge. I did for the money, yes, but more importantly, I did it because they had cable. I used to watch MTV nearly every moment I was there. In the off chance that MTV was off the air and it was... it was like they were rewinding a tape of 12 hours they would play over again... I would flip over to HBO. And on several occasions, this movie, Halloween, would be on.

This is the only movie that ever scared me; scared the shit out of me. If it was on, I would triple check to make sure every door and window was locked. Every time I watched it I was sure someone was outside watching me through the sheer curtains. Of course, I would not change the channel, I would finish the movie. I would always feel relieved when I hear a car drive up because I knew I was safe again.

Of course, it isn't scary now, although I still do get a tiny feeling of dread when I watch it, for old time's sake. But Halloween is and remains the only film that ever scared me.


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