Magic Mike ★★★½

I've been to plenty of strip clubs in my time; before and after meeting Eric. Of course, they have all been female strip clubs. There was a time when I lived in LA and we would have 'gatherings' of Hollywood-types that used to frequent a particular AOL chat room ('What is AOL' you ask? This is way back when, kids. Go ask your Mum). After said gatherings at The Cat & Fiddle pub (or elsewhere, I think we met at the rotating restaurant at the Holiday Inn once) we would often go to a strip club. Crazy Girls was usually the choice. Oh, those were the halcyon days, indeed.

Anyway, I have never been to a male strip club. Never wanted to, and still don't, after seeing this movie. I don't like all that beef-cake shit. This movie made me laugh out loud several times during the dances. Channing Tatum is a big ole lunk. The guy looks like he is missing a chromosome. I don't get his visual appeal, but I do get his charm. It is hard not to like the guy. He does have a presence.

So, to re-cap. Never hire a male stripper for me, I just won't like it. And, chances are, I'll have to punch you in the breadbasket.

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