Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning ★★★★

Albert Finney is on fire in this 1960 entry from the "Kitchen Sink/British New Wave" movement. Based on Alan Sillitoe's excellent novel of the same name, Finney plays Arthur Seaton, a young lad working as a machinist who loves nothing better than drinking, smoking, and fucking. He's having an affair with a co-worker's wife (Rachel Roberts) when he meets Doreen (Shirley Anne Field). He juggles both of them for a while but it isn't long before one of them in pregnant and he finds himself having to make some grown-up decisions.

Finney is extraordinary in this. Honestly, I feel like he's severely unappreciated as an actor. He's had a fantastic career with memorable roles spanning 50 years. I'll plug one of my favorite films here, MILLER'S CROSSING, and tell you you should give this one another chance.

With direction from Karel Reisz and cinematography from the one of the best, Freddie Francis, you will not go amiss by adding this to your watchlist. It's available for streaming right now on FilmStruck.

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