The Babadook ★★★½

Everyone seems to be watching this one, so we decided we would watch it, too. Normally, my husband and I have a running commentary when watching movies. We are our own MST2K, though not as funny (I love you, Joel). But after the first 20 minutes, we were quiet. I think the last thing I said was "That book is awesome."

I'm not one to be frightened by movies. Some can be creepy and unsettling but I'm never scared. The same goes for this one. I liked the atmosphere and the performances but it didn't scare me. I've read many people complaining about Samuel being annoying but isn't that the point?

When it was over, my husband and I talked about the film for a while. He felt there were a lot of similarities between our 4 year old and Samuel. Our son goes have those kind of behavioral issues, I think it was just the fact that we have a son close to that age.

I also discussed with my husband that it is hard for me to review 'good films'. I mean, it is harder for me to make jokes about movies that are actually good (as opposed to film that are so bad they are good). There were a couple of things I snickered at during this movie; like when the mother floated over to the kid. It reminded me of The Exorcist, and well, that movie makes me laugh. It is not scary in the slightest. So yeah, I liked this film. It was well-made and I don't really have any complaints about it, but in terms of scariness, well, it doesn't rate.

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