Batman ★★★★

Short-As-Possible Synopsis: Batman fights Jack Nicholson

Thoughts About Batman:
- Michael Keaton is fine as Batman, but not really as great as people have remembered him as. It seems like he was informed he needed to tone down his crazy man persona from earlier films, and he responded by becoming almost bland. He loses his insanity and he loses his charm.

- With today’s modern idea of a superhero movie, it is refreshing to watch one that understands it is enough to have only one villain, and what a villain it is.

- I felt like I understood the craziness behind Heath Ledger's joker more (and I was definitely more frightened by him), but Jack Nicholson perfectly masters a campy sinister that fits perfect with Tim Burton's style.

- This is barely an action movie. Other than a car chase, and a few kicks and punches, this is more of a campy-ish crime movie than an action-driven film.

Summary: With a perfect comic-book feel and campy-yet-fun depiction Joker, Batman works best as an alternative to the dark turns of the Dark Knight trilogy, but I cannot help but feeling a little underwhelmed by the tone and action.

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