Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★½

Short-as-possible synopsis: Space scoundrels meet up and chase a Marvel powered shape of some sort.

Thoughts About Guardians of the Galaxy:

- It was funny. This just made me wish that is was all funny. The moment of good humor wasn't enough for me, I'm ready for a superhero movie that is comedy with a bit of action throughout. That means no serious characters. I want my villains to make me laugh, RONAN!. I know this is never going to happen, and if it id did probably wouldn't be good, but I can't help but feel that this is what the movie should of been.

- The action is fine. It's marvel-y and fine.

- Bradley Cooper's Rocket Raccoon walks a tight rope between annoying jerk and hilarious smart ass- being able to stay for the most part on the hilarious side. When ever you think you are getting sick of his attitude, he whips out a good line.

- I'm sick of trying to invest myself in all-powered shapes hat hard to really grasp what they are. The Winter Soldier's political conspiracy proved you didn't need to make up some mystical item for the plot to move. s]So time to step away from that plot device Guardians and the rest of Marvel.

- I heard a lot of critics hate on Dave Bautista's Drax, but he completely worked for me, with his action and his dry oblivious responses to figures of speech.

- When I was a little kid, my father would play a 70's pop compilation on road trips. My brother and I became fascinated with this CD and used to steal it from him and play it on walk-mans when we wee supposed to be asleep. The awesome mix tape was this compilation- with the exclusion of The Night Chicago Died.

- I have no idea what planet all the hillbilly aliens come from, but I hope they do not spend any time there in future movies.

Conclusion: The unique quirk and humor is a nice step aside from the typical Marvel blockbuster, but Guardians is unable to shed the typical overdose of extreme city destroying action that could benefit from some toning down.

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