The King ½

Adapting one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies as a 2 hour and 20 minute Game of Thrones episode is the worst idea Netflix has had since at least 2016.

This is the very worst kind of period piece. The one that barely attempts to contextualize the behavior of Renaissance royals and one that doesn’t even attempt to capture their language. Knights and Lords speak like college jocks, ladies being their adoring groupies. Even the armor and props feel more influenced by High Fantasy than anything out of 15th Century England. The film begs to be taken seriously, but how can it when it doesn’t even take its inspiration seriously?

Ben Mendleson (a phenomenal actor) is terrible here, even worse than he was in Robin Hood. At least he had fun in that film, he’s disinterested and passionless here.

Robert Pattinson is even worse, this makes 2 duds for him this year after The Lighthouse. I haven’t seen Good Time yet, so I’m not gonna act like I can fairly judge him as an actor, but he has yet to impress me and this may be his worst performance. Imagine Eddie Redmayne in Jupiter Ascending with the worst fucking French accent you’ve ever heard and you have Pattinson here.

Chalamet is gonna get shit here from Film Twitter hipsters, and his performance isn’t good, but it’s by far the least-bad one in the film.

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