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I love cinema! I'll watch, log, and review pretty much anything, as long as it has had a public screening of some kind somewhere and is at least…

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  • Salesman


    "If I was a rich man..."

    An almost bleak fly-on-the-wall documentary following a team of salesmen as they sell Bibles door-to-door, Salesman's style and structure lifts it from some rather stage-y aspects to feel authentic and unbiased, sucking the audience in as they try to achieve their goals.

  • The Gruesome Twosome

    The Gruesome Twosome


    "Honeychild, you have to have nerve to go through what I've been through!"

    A great example of HGL's schlocky gore fully complete with an almost nonsensically meandering plot and full to the brim with hokey acting and a delightfully campy tone, The Gruesome Twosome might just generate a laugh or two in between its scenes of hair-raising bloody violence.

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  • Stalker



    Andrei Tarkovsky's masterpiece is a bitter contemplation on themes such as want vs. desire and misery vs. hope, and is told with the director's poetic sense of style and breathtaking imagery.

  • Top Gun

    Top Gun


    “You won’t need a rope—just call for the undertaker!”

    A decent and thrilling—if not wholly risk taking or surprising—western with a commanding leading performance by Sterling Hayden, good gunfights, and a satisfying ending.