Scream ★★★

"Holy sh*t--it's Ghostface!"

Honestly, I think this would be my second favorite of the scream movies were the lead girl, Melissa Barrera (whom I really liked in In The Heights), and her character a lot more charismatic and likable. While this movie is a good turn from the normal schtick that the Scream movies had become lodged in for some time, it still feels like a Scream movie through and through--in both very good and very bad ways. Yes, it carries enough meta self-analysis to borderline on self-parody and yes it telegraphs its themes and commentaries, but this is par for the Scream course and still makes it a ton of fun. Fans of the series might be a bit disappointed by some of the familiar tropes in the third act, but for the most part, this is a decent slasher film full of the unpredictability in its plot that the best Scream films are known for, and with plenty of the fun kills to boot.