The Wonderful Land of Oz

The Wonderful Land of Oz ½

"Nothing in the land of Oz escapes the knowledge of Glinda the Good!"

This has the look and feel of a mediocre stage play that accidentally got filmed during rehearsals. Considering the decent effort that went into the costumes (and to some extent, the sets), I probably would have given this a full 1-star rating if it weren't for the film being completely shackled by its cheapness and its ungodly pacing--this made 71 minutes feel like an eternity. There are songs in this but they lack energy, just like pretty much everything else. This thing is a cheap mess of poor directing and amateurish (when it's at its best) acting, making for a stupefying, coma-enducing experience that lacks any true semblance of magic. I hear that it's a faithful adaptation of its source material, but it might be a better experience to have someone just read it aloud rather--while on tranquilizers--than try to sit through this.

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