Wax, or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees

Wax, or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees ★★★


Shoutout to @noisehippie for the request.

Wax was the first film that was uploaded to the internet, and it is also David Blair's debut film. Aside from directing it, David Blair also starred as the protagonist/narrator. The synth music was spooky and eccentric. William S. Burroughs had a cameo in this, which is fitting, because this film feels like a passage from Naked Lunch.

This film starts off as a faux documentary, but then blossoms into an abstract Beatnik poem with visuals. Wax combines archived footage, live-action footage, and CGI animation to create a bizarre narrative that involves the Gulf War and the afterlife.

Unfortunately, the film's first half is a lot stronger than the second half. The second half mainly consisted of our beekeeper protagonist wandering caves and deserts. Also, the story's script was far too ambitious for it's low budget. Because of this, there were many things that were mentioned in Blair's narration, but weren't shown on screen. In one scene, Blair mentions being saved by an angel, but the angel doesn't appear onscreen. Another scene has Blair mention that he read a crystalline book, but we never get to see it.

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