'Merika ★★★★

"Wala dito ang hinahanap ko."

So satisfying to finally be able to watch this after looking for it for so long. It's a simple story, but it's thoughtful, never lacking in depth. One of Nora's best performances. I remember tearing up when I watched her Empire State emoting clip a few months ago, even though I had no idea what the film was about. She's that good. And it's even better with context. You know, I get sad thinking about Nora in the early 80s. She was at her lowest in her personal life, but that was also when she was at her prettiest and doing her best work. In 'Merika, she gives a performance so true and so beautiful, it'll break your heart. I love her and this movie so much.

(Thanks to Kai again for the heads-up that this was playing on ETC!!! You're like my informant now 😭)

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