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  • Demolition Man

    Demolition Man


    >A society of alienated, stupid and politically correct citizens.

    'Demolition Man' was a warning.


    *You have been fined 5 credits for not using a gender neutral pronoun*

    Oh fuck you..


  • Blue Valentine

    Blue Valentine


    The pinnacle of romantic kino, definitely a great one to watch on an anniversary, first date, Valentines Day, etc. Okay, I’m not that evil, ‘Blue Valentine’ was tough to watch, it was all too real, gritty and heartbreaking. The film is an expression of duality between a man and a woman, the past and present and the beginning and ending of a relationship. Unfortunately, this is a scenario a lot of us have or will endure at some point in…

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  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    “I at one point had to say to Rian, I pretty much fundamentally disagree with every choice you’ve made for this character.” – Mark Hamill

    He’s right, you know. ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ is a bad joke.

    I hope all you professional critics out there are proud of yourselves, there’s no way you’re reviewing the film with honest integrity by hiking up the scores that high. We all have the right to our own opinions after all, you like…

  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman


    Well, I gave in and saw it. As much discontent I have for the DCEU, I decided to give them another chance, and with that, here’s my take on ‘Wonder Woman’. I didn’t have very high hopes going in, let me be clear, but I didn’t walk away angry like I usually do. Was this a great film? Nope. Was it downright horrible? Nope. It’s a serviceable run-of-the-mill-fish-out-of-water-origin-story-with-semi-decent-characters-and-action-set-pieces, the end. Alright fine, I’ll dig deeper.

    The biggest worry for me…