Landscape in the Mist

Landscape in the Mist ★★★★★

A sister and a brother try to find their father, whom they have never met, in Germany. Landscape in The Mist is a coming-of-age film using road trip theme that beautifully depicts the strong desire of two siblings for reaching their dream and displays the failure of modern-society.

I really really really love this kind of story. When people desperate of something and they tried their best until the end. Also I adore how they portray a lot of contradictory things along the journey of the main characters; a dying horse in front of wedding celebration party, a guilty rapist, people who stand still because of the first snow next to the siblings who running through it, the beautiful sound of violin in the empty restaurant, and a heavenly landscape in the blinding mist.

I'm a bit curious over a yellow color that keep showing in an odd way, then I search it and turns out that yellow color in Greek personified divine wisdom. So I thought, theirs wandering is actually God's plan, it's a way that already paved by God, to reach their eternal destination.

Such a wonderful movie with pure storyline and highligting the beauty of slow cinema. Not forget to mention the genuine acts from Voula and Alexandros, I'm totally in love with this masterpiece using poetic scripts and exceptional ending.

"You're a funny kids, you know that?"
"It's as if you don't care about time going by, and yet I know that you are in a hurry to leave."
"It's as if you're going nowhere, and yet you're going somewhere."

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