Her ★★★★½

This can be a difficult film to watch, a strange film, and even a crass film at times, but for the most part Spike Jonze gives us a very thought provoking piece that is pertinent to this social media and technology saturated culture that is our everyday reality. The world shown to us is washed out in its' pastel shades and yet it does not seem too far removed from us. It certainly brings up some interesting dilemmas about Her, whoever she may be for each and everyone of us. How do you reconcile the technology whether computers, phones, video games, or etc. with the human interactions that still make up (or should make up) most of our existence? For Theodore, Samantha leaves him with wonderment for life and an inquisitiveness which allows him to unplug a little and truly live in the present. Her is sometimes sad but undoubtedly powerful stuff.

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