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  • Memoria



    You're trying to piece everything together but it's too late. You've slept too much and watched too much of the film through a flickering eye lid. You want the people around you to know you're a serious movie watcher, so every now and then you readjust your self. Maybe get a little closer to the screen. Yeah, the dood next to me will think, "yo this dood a real film watcher, he's clearly readjusting his body to get more immersed…

  • Freda



    it is an unparalleled, warm, funny, devastating and highly politicized exploration of how (neo/post) colonial dominion terrorizes family, love, romance, intimacy, sex, and mental health.

    how much longer can our sanity last as the west and capitalist classes continue to gaslight, dehumanize, torment, and destabilize us? is our existence inextricably tied to pain and suffering? will our breaking points ever lead to something? is there something beyond this hellish world spawned from the greedy minds of foreign beasts?

    i see…