Geostorm ★★★

I'm not sure who, or how, this was greenlit. Story-wise it's basically a SyFy Original Movie. I'm not kidding! It feels exactly like one, right down to Richard Schiff showing up in a minor role as an asshole senator. (Don't get me wrong, he's a great actor, and he's good at these kinds of roles.)

The story is predictable and stupid, but it's still pretty fun if you're the kind of person who grew up watching stupid blockbusters with his family. It feels like the kind of movie that would've made millions back in the late 80s to mid 90s. Just mindless, ridiculous stuff. The settings and sets are great, and the special effects look kinda dodgy at times, but the environmental and vehicular destruction was well made. Music seemed Hans Zimmery.

I genuinely liked Gerard Butler's character, he's just a typical tropey super sciency dude but he's GOOD at that. His brother being a guy at the state department and said brother's girlfriend being a secret service agent that covers the president is just so. damn. stupid.

I mean there's a lot of stuff that's just too coincidental to not be stupid. But it's ridiculously silly and fun. I admit to watching this and going "What" "Oh no" "Seriously, what" but not outloud because there were people near me.

But this is a GOOD film to watch with friends. I mean, it's bad, but silly bad, doesn't take itself seriously just roll with it bad.

Eugenio Derbez is once again cast as the Token Mexican who is semi important to the plot but only a few times. It's too bad he has to... speak, because his lines were awful. (And delivery wasn't too good either, but he is a primarily Spanish language performer so I guess that's to blame.) And in what universe does a LATINO get to be President of the US? At least the Mayor of New York from Ghostbusters 2016 moved on up, eh?

This is the kind of movie my siblings and I would riff if we watched it together. (Kinda hard to do now with half of them in another country and one more dead, but eh.)

If you can see it on a big screen at a discount, do it. Otherwise, it's a solid rental. I really hope the movie makes back some money after it hits home video because it's not that bad.