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  • Europe '51
  • Ten Skies
  • Gammelion
  • Casting Blossoms to the Sky

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  • Amuse-gueule #1: Digital Destinies

    Amuse-gueule #1: Digital Destinies


    “And what remains? Well, what was there to begin with?” By emphasizing the notion that one is watching a Hollywood movie—via recognition of a screen, zine, or image framed by social media—the practice of viewing images can be reconsidered. The Amuse-Gueule series, the Good-bye, My Lady images, and Gina’s many other films, projects, and social media posts request greater awareness of the illusion of fictional characters, and thereby what they are affecting in our reality. Gina unearths ghosts that both…

  • Joy And Love For All Things in the Garden

    Joy And Love For All Things in the Garden


    This is my film! Shot on 16mm with my bolex and edited digitally. Make sure to check the video description too!

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  • Mank



    Mank is a film about a delusional man and his delusional bosses, his delusional frienemy and the frienemy's delusional lover, and occasionally Mank will drag along his delusional wife. It's all very sad but admittedly difficult to keep up with. During Mayer's birthday scene, three groups of people share a lengthy conversation across a massive room, divided distinctly by both mise-en-scene and montage. They do not shout, but instead converse as though they were all amongst a small table in…

  • Plexure



    I originally made and released this in 2021, but this past week I went back and recolored it in a way closer to my original intention. It was only seen by a handful of people in 2021, but in this more complete version I thought I’d make it slightly more public.

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  • Ten Skies

    Ten Skies


    Eleven Skies

    On July 1st 2021 I watched this film at Light Industry in Brooklyn, NY. About a month prior I read Ten Skies by Erika Balsom in one day, I had never seen the movie until July 1st. In the following 13 parts I would like to tell you why this is my favorite film of all time, and it’s not even close.

    I recently read an Antonioni interview where the interviewer described his day up to the…

  • New York Film Diary Sep. 3, 1994 - Oct. 3 1995

    New York Film Diary Sep. 3, 1994 - Oct. 3 1995


    The experimental film enthusiast of the 21st century to present day might be lead to believe that there is an ultimate tetralogy of canonical works in diary filmmaking. This tetralogy would be Jonas Mekas' Walden, Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania; Lost, Lost, Lost; and As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty. A more experienced experimental film enthusiast then might discover that there are Mekas films that are on par, if not better than certain…