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  • Annihilation



    Annihilation is a film with an interesting premise that, in spite of some shoddy acting and poor sound design, manages nonetheless to be an engaging watch. The best thing about it is probably the visual presentation, with the film punctuated by otherworldly imagery that is unsettling in its beauty. This allows for the creation of a strange, at times even surreal atmosphere of delirium, verging on chaos, that culminates in a visually stunning scene akin, hackneyed comparison though it is,…

  • Altered States

    Altered States


    This film should show, better than anything else, the result of using too many psychedelic drugs. It focuses on an existentially bamboozled scientist played brilliantly by William Hurt, experimenting with psychoactive drugs in a floatation tank, both for scientific research and the usual search for a higher state of consciousness. What follows is a something far weirder. Visually, Altered States is quite something. It is one of the rare examples of less than realistic special effects actually working in its…

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  • Rabid


    Well at least they're not still remaking videodrome