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  • Batman



    A masterful study in camp with more self-awareness than a thousand Deadpools.

  • Searching


    Pitch: Hey, those Unfriended movies are cool. How about we take away all of the things that make them unique, immersive and rigorous and throw them in the trash. That way, we get to be lazy and don't have to obey any of the difficult rules of the format and idiot critics will still call it groundbreaking because it still technically all takes place on screens.

    Me: Go fuck yourself.

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  • Fly Away Home

    Fly Away Home


    Gorgeous. Carroll Ballard movies are Terrence Malick levels of beautiful.

  • Targets



    Very impressive low budget debut from Bogdanovich. I loved the two parts, I loved less the way they ultimately intersect (it’s cute and kind of awesome but feels a bit clunky) but the real highlight is the direct-to-camera monologue that Bogdanovich gives Karloff.

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  • Poetry



    I liked this from the start but I didn't realise that I loved it until it was over.

    This was my first experience with Lee Chang-dong and I'm now so hyped to dive into his filmography. South-Korea man! What a rich source of extraordinary film-makers.

    There's so much to praise here but I'll single out three things.

    1. Yoon Jeong-hee's lead performance is out of this world good. Lee needs her to be this good for the film to work…

  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    If ‘La La Land’ is a love letter to Hollywood, then this is hate mail.