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    Pitch: Hey, those Unfriended movies are cool. How about we take away all of the things that make them unique, immersive and rigorous and throw them in the trash. That way, we get to be lazy and don't have to obey any of the difficult rules of the format and idiot critics will still call it groundbreaking because it still technically all takes place on screens.

    Me: Go fuck yourself.

  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    I had a bloody good time with this despite being a die hard fan of the 50s version and going into the screening with my 'come one then, impress me' expression firmly planted on my face.

    I also got properly emotional several times, Coopers direction thoroughly impressed me and Lady Gaga gives a genuinely brilliant performance. Her acting is good, her singing is great, but it was her acting through her singing and performing scenes that she kind of stunned…

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  • Outlaw King

    Outlaw King


    As a huge fan of both 'Starred Up' and 'Hell Or High Water', I couldn't have been much more excited for David Mackenzie's new film about Robert the Bruce. Then it screened at TIFF and got at best, a mixed response. Well, since then it's been recut (quite profoundly if reports are to be believed) and has had much better reviews, including from those who trashed the longer cut at TIFF.

    All I can review is what we got when…

  • Apostle



    Despite the best efforts of Dan Stevens, who is currently over-acting his way out of a promising career, this was an absolute blast.

    As the level of derangement slowly and then quickly increases throughout the film, the level of enjoyment I had directly correlated with this trend. The final third is about as much fun as I've had with a horror movie in a long ass time. Yes it probably takes too long to get there, but Michael Sheen helps…

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  • Batman



    A masterful study in camp with more self-awareness than a thousand Deadpools.

  • Village of the Damned

    Village of the Damned


    SHOCKTOBER 2018: #38

    I loved this film to pieces.

    It's so simple, so elegant, so tight and yet I was completely wrapped up in it from start to finish and the already brisk 75min running time felt more like 45.

    I particularly loved the opening sequence in which the entire population of Midwich all fall asleep simultaneously, there's an eerie quality to that opening that is hard to beat.

    The special effects are so minimal which means the film has…