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  • The Astronauts

    The Astronauts


    A bizarre short film about a guy and his pet owl who set off in their homemade spaceship. It's very Gilliam-esque (though predates him...), features no dialogue but has a couple of nice images. Also, Sin is a dick.

  • Inferno



    Plane movie #4... Review upon my return.

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  • The Guest

    The Guest


    Let me preface this review by saying that it is in no way a five star film. It's a five star film in the same way that The Other Guys, reviewed by Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian, is not a five star film. But sometimes you watch a movie and can't stop smiling. It entertains. It has you sitting back and going, "Yeah, why can't all films be like this?" And that's what The Guest did to me. Sure, it…

  • Nightcrawler



    In the style of Matt, because why not. Saw this with my cinema card and also cos the poster looks damn cool. Look at it. Like some seventies sepia stuff and I'm always down for that. Opens on Gyllenhaal thin as hell. Hair slicked back like some creepy dude. No money but clearly owns a comb. Does bad shit with this grin. Freaked me out a bit but whatever, it's cool.
    He drives this shitty car all over the place,…