Win It All

Win It All ★★★★

Being a Jake Johnson fan - which clearly I am because I sat through Let's Be Cops - this seemed like a solid choice on a night in. Swanberg films tend to be easy watches but pretty hit and miss, so this was finally where it felt like things came together. To be fair, a few of his more recent ones have somewhat passed me by but like I say, Jake Johnson, less than 90 minutes, what can go wrong?

Nothing really. From my point of view anyway. Shit seriously goes wrong for my man Jake. Some dodgy guy leaves him a bag with 50k in it the night before he has to do time. Just give the bag back in 6-9 months and everything's golden. Hell, Jake will even make 10k! Unfortunately he's a gambling addict and soon finds he's lost two fifths of the money and can't believe how stupid he is. Time to get his life back on track... And that's basically it. But it's all done so well, all the characters feel real and aside from the final ten minutes, it could basically be a documentary. It's not perfect but it's great when you're in its world.

One of my favourites so far this year.

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