Mindhunters ★★★

The editing gave me a headache which actually probably kept me awake for most od this snooze fest. Only giving it three stars due to it getting slightly interesting with the killings somewhere around the middle mark. The funny thing is, just like the killer in this film I too was obsessed with time. The run time. I constantly kept checking to see how much time was left on the movie to see how much longer I had to sit through this mess. Didn’t know it was a Renny Harlin film until the end credits hit. Sad. I always kinda liked his stuf, even if he does have a reputation as a bad director. This is the first the first time I think I downright didn’t like one of his films. Of course I’ve never seen the Covenant, so I still might just hate another movie of his more than this one. But it’s gonna be hard.

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