Sneakers ★★★★

For years I thought I had seen Sneakers, but apparently it must of been a combination of seeing the trailer so many times and possibly catching pieces of it from my Dad watching it, that I always just thought I did. However, when I sat down to watch the film, it clearly began to unravel that I had not seen this gem before, and I had been all the worse for it, because this movie kind of rules. 

With an all star cast, fun heist scenes, enjoyable banter between the characters, and crammed full of early 90's nostalgia, this was a delight. 

From Phoenix's quirky awkward portrayal, to Akroyd's hair being on another level, I loved the choices made for this film. Even the ever serious Poitier was cracking a smile and getting in on the gags. 

Can't believe it took me this long to actually watch Sneakers, but maybe I was always meant to wait this long to fully appreciate the art of Sneakers. Maybe it was a conspiracy transpired by the government to hold off my enjoyment of Sneakers. Or maybe Sneakers just works in mysterious ways. 

... Sneakers.