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  • 12 Bar Blues

    12 Bar Blues


    Borrows heavily from his other classics "Saucer Man" "Psycho City" "Treasure Hunter" and "Lizard of Oz" (maybe even one more?) so be sure and watch some of the other CGI shorts before this 

    A man goes from bar to bar in his town and finds even more crazier stuff at each one. 

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  • The Art Deco Story

    The Art Deco Story


    Arthur Deco tells his story of the Marlin Hotel and then it is promptly destroyed. 

    Another CGI Vince Collins classic. 

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  • It Follows

    It Follows


    It doesn't lead - it follows.

    Sorry I had too. 

    This is on Netflix right now and was one of the breakout hits of the last few years especially due to a really creepy trailer. 

    The film revolves around a girl who starts dating a new fella and ends up have a one-night-stand with the guy. He was already strange to begin with and gets even more weird especially when you realize he has passed on a curse to Jay…

  • Napoleon Dynamite

    Napoleon Dynamite


    Freakin idiot, gosh, and duh never sounded so funny. 

    Napolean goes from being a total nerd to being the most popular guy in school.

    The movie is fairly timeless but still manages a retro feel which is neat in its own regard. 

    A great movie for anyone who's going through high school or has been through high school already.