Good Time

Good Time ★★★★★

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A big hit for A24 a couple years back.

This follows Connie, a low level criminal who skates through life trying to take care of himself and mentally disabled younger brother Nick.

Connie decides to rob a bank with his brother to get fast money (so they can run away?) and Nick gets caught.
Connie must quickly come up with 10,000 bucks to pay a shady bondsmen to help his brother.

Panic, fear and a case of mistaken identity intensify as Connie realizes what he has done to his younger brother and now must make amends for the way he's lived life.

Pattenson crushes it and the supporting cast does well too.

Nick's therapist says it well
"You ended up where you should be and Connie ended up where he should be".

Btw I about lost it when Nick started making friends. Uhg. Thanks.