Francisco Rojas

Francisco Rojas


Programmer at La Región Central Cineclub

Favorite films

  • Comingled Containers
  • La région centrale
  • From the Notebook of...
  • The Great Art of Knowing

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  • Devil's Peak


  • Sea of Glass

  • Gerdy, the Wicked Witch


Recent reviews

  • Sea of Glass

    Sea of Glass

    My friends from Free The Cinema recently interviewed me for their new March Issue. We talked a bit about my process and the way I approach avant-garde in general. Hopefully you'll find something of worth out of my long answers to Carlos' pointed questions.

    You can check it (in both spanish and english) and a lot more here:
    (I really recommend you to suscribe to Free the Cinema)

    I'm very happy about this, it means a lot that my…

  • A Sense of Nothing

    A Sense of Nothing

    Hi, friends!

    My new film "A Sense of Nothing" will screen this friday at Millenium Film Workshop as part of their Open Screenings. I won't be able to attend, but all my New York friends are invited to watch it. The event will also be live streamed on Millenium's website so the film(s) can be watched by everybody.

    Here is the link to watch the screening online, starting this Friday 23 of February at 20:00 EST:

    And for the…

Popular reviews

  • The Last Dance

    The Last Dance


    Complicated, but for all the wrong reasons. The entire Bulls team is just part of the set of Jordan’s movie. The incredible value that Pippen had for the team is touched but never really developed. Phil Jackson, the great architect of the Bulls as a playing unit, intervenes very little. Jerry Krause is assassinated, character wise, despite the fact the Bulls success also came from his great scouting and team building. His ego is to be blamed for the end…

  • Walking from Munich to Berlin

    Walking from Munich to Berlin


    Incredibly ahead of its time. Mekas, Brakhage and the entire structuralist film movement drink from this river. The first film ever made (from a group of just a handful) that really strives to capture the way memory works. Moving visual thinking.