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  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The Shining was everything that we loved about Kubrick's direction (immaculate framing and cinematography, cold, detached and devoid of sentimentality that added to the dread) brought into the horror genre. And it's a testament to how timeless it is in how it achieves to terrify and perplex audiences.

    After watching both the original classic and the director's cut of Doctor Sleep, with my dad and grandfather who had never seen Kubrick's film, they came to the consensus that this sequel…

  • Waves



    Glad I watched this prior to the Oscars this night, because it's a damn shame it wasn't nominated for anything.

    If you've heard about Waves you know that it's essentially a coming of age story and a sequel to it combined in one film, and while that could be jarring, it didn't felt like that for me. Director Trey Edward Schultz started it's first half with beautiful, almost Mallick-y freeflow camerawork, sharp editing, purposeful aspect ratio changes, and a frenetic…

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  • Burning



    A flawlessly executed drama thriller. Director Lee Chang Dong has crafted an intelligent story that during the first half may seem to be a set-up for a melodramatic love triangle (a well written and subtle one nonetheless), yet seamlessly takes a more sinister turn in the second half, with the deeper themes of today's youth and class dynamics always present on the background.
    All the 3 main performances are excellent and very nuanced in giving you as little or as…

  • Joker



    Was cautiously optimistic about Joker, and while some of the flaws I was hoping it would avoid happened, it did fulfilled my expectations and even exceeded them in some ways.

    It's a terrific character study that relies on its bone chilling central performance by Joaquin Phoenix, and he's more than up to the task. He, alongside director/writer Todd Phillips need to be commended for not making his downward spiral as just one bad day, but a series of escalating events,…