The Dead Don't Die ★★½

This let me down to a certain extent.
I've loved the film's I've seen from Jim Jarmusch such far, and there's a lot to admire about his latest "The Dead Don't Die".
Adam Driver and Bill Murray were born to do this type of deadpan and dry humor needed for a story like this, they're terrific and play off each other really well. The rest of the cast, featuring a lot of talented people, did also did a great job. (shout-out to the always amazing Tilda Swinton's sword wielding undertaker).
It's very well shot by Frederick Elmes and there's a lot of memorable imagery. And the visual and practical efects for the zombies and gore was also well realized.
Jarmusch attempted to do a fun horror/satire mixed with his slow paced reflective style, and it didn't gel as well as it could. Particularly with it's themes, which are presented in a very heavy-handed way and took me out of certain moments.
The comedy was also a mixed bag for me. It got very meta/self-aware as it went along and this was very amusing, yet the macabre humor and jokes started to wear thin by the end or sometimes got confusing (like Swinton's scene in the undead field).
Given the huge cast, there's many subplots and some of this lead to nowhere, and could've been ultimately cut from the runtime.
It's Jarmusch's weakest for me, but it's still unique from the rest of the zombie flicks.

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