Your Name. ★★★½

I really love this movie, the animation, the performances, the story, but it has a bunch of flaws.

For starters, it feels like three different movies put together, the body-switch comedy part, the romantic part and the dramatic climax.

The main characters are also good but not great. Despite knowing so much about them and watching them fall in love by switching bodies, you don’t really feel them grow that much from their relationship, which is weird, considering that’s what the film is partially about. Maybe that’s just me.

I’m also not sure why 30 minutes into the movie a song that sounded like an anime opening started playing while showing us older scenes and narration by the main characters, basically telling us what we already knew. I stopped the movie and googled if this was like a mini series or something because that really felt out of place. I haven’t watched that many animated Japanese movies, aside from Studio Ghibli movies, but I don’t think that’s common.

The score also became kind of repetitive at times with piano and heartbreaking narration constantly playing over the final scenes.

It breaks my heart but I’ll have to give it 3.5 stars instead of 4. Then again, I’ll probably change it in the future.

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