Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★½

America, having lost Vietnam, decides to take the war to Skull Island, and, without the slightest hesitation, just starts carpet bombing the island. This, unsurprisingly, does not go well but, goddammit, America isn't about to lose again.

I'm honestly pretty sick of modern films recreating colonial narratives without any thought to the attitudes they perpetuate. Kong wants the audience to root for a bunch of colonizers and even casts Samuel L Jackson as the crazed military colonel obsessed with killing Kong. Don't worry, everyone will "do the right thing" in the end and Kong will forgive them, but Kong is absolutely not going to question the system that lead them to this situation in the first place. Good job Legendary.

Stray thoughts: The pre-credits scene would have made for a way better film. I honestly would loved to have seen some bonkers remake of Hell in the Pacific where Marlow and Gunpei got into wacky adventures with Kong. Why couldn't we have that movie?

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