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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    I keep going back and forth between 3 and 3.5 on this. Basically, I felt like a great movie was cut down to fit into a standard Marvel movie. The best parts are the least Marvel-y parts.

  • Peter Rabbit

    Peter Rabbit


    I liked this way too much

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  • Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Spider-Man: Homecoming


    Are you tired of all the sequels, reboots, and spin-offs in Hollywood today? Fear not, because now we have reboots of reboots! 

    This was fine. It was dumb fun. Nothing you didn't expect, nothing you haven't seen. Zendaya's character is literally the most unused and irrelevant person. Donald Glover is in this for like 2 scenes but he's just a plot device. The humor is mainly high school kids being nerdy and ruining things. Honestly the whole thing just had…

  • The Witch

    The Witch


    EDIT #2 (10/4/16):  Now an A; Updated review right here

    EDIT (8/18/16): I'd like to apologize for coming off as aggressive in this review. Every movie goer is entitled to their own opinion and disliking a certain fill doesn't necessarily make you dumb. However, one must understand a film's intentions before ridiculing it. If you don't like a movie because it's not your cup of tea, that's fine; just be aware that everyone has their own ideal tea choice and…