Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★

Vincent Gallo directed, co-wrote, and starred in this movie. His dedication and talent is clear as Billy Brown is one of the most fascinating characters i've seen in film. Near the beginning he reminded me of Connie from Good Time in that he was abrasive, impulsive, cruel and clearly self destructive. In fact i actually hated him so much within the first 20 minutes that i was dreading spending the rest of the film with him. However the journey he goes on completely changes my perception of him, beginning from when we meet his parents who are perfectly crafted in a way that allows you to see why Billy is this way. Gallo also plays him with a sort of charm that makes him enticing and in relation makes Layla falling for him seem possible rather than a deluded male fantasy.

This is also a visually stunning film, and makes use of it's location of an small town. I always adore when films have identifiable colour grading throughout and here the muted, washed out pastels are gorgeous. The scenes set outside at night are particularly stunning and evocative. The only reason i'm not giving this five stars is that i felt layla's character was underdeveloped. I don't feel that her falling for Billy was completely unrealistic (as i mentioned above) but i would've preferred a bit more explanation as to why she is the type of girl who would fall deeply in love with a man that kidnapped her earlier that day. Instead it seems she exists only to redeem Billy which is an unfortunately common occurrence for female characters