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  • Demon



    Seen on a broadcast (Spanish channel Dark, owned by AMC) completely dubbed in Spanish I still found it more surprising than the "Sanatorium" film by Has I saw the previous day at a cinema.

  • Lucky Numbers

    Lucky Numbers


    I found it quite transgressive, an agressive satire on Hollywood with what seem to be a lot of Lynch puns -lots of characters who look like Sheryl Lee, obese masturbators with asthma, a bell echoing Fire Walk With Me, Bill Pullman, John Travolta playing himself-, also on the Coens and Hollywood in general -a sleazy motel is called "Hollywood Motel"-. My congratulations to the American executive at Paramount who greenlighted this, it's not that weird that, like Verhoeven -maybe this…

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  • Ken Park

    Ken Park


    Creo que, como mínimo, el 50 % del feminismo está en contra del porno. Lo sé porque tengo una amiga (excelente artista, aclaro) que se define así y habla mal de este ámbito.
    Entonces yo le decía que "The Devil in Mrs. Jones" y "Doriana Grey", ambas clasificadas X, son grandes películas. Considero, honestamente, que lo son.
    De un tiempo a esta parte se da el caso de cineastas que introducen el sexo explícito en sus películas en un contexto…

  • Strange Circus

    Strange Circus


    I am quite sure this film has to be seen on 35mm, as I did at the Motel X International Horror Film Festival years ago. Maybe the film with the best color made in Japan in the last 15 years?