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  • Joker


    Joker, for the most part, is a very competent work, it's nicely paced, well directed and its photography is actually quite great, I must say.

    But it tries so hard to be more than what it is, to prove itself and the audience that we're actually watching some sort of deep commentary on social class and mental illness and that's where it falls so incredibly flat with overused tropes and some dull writing straight from an edgy 16-year-old social media…

  • An Elephant Sitting Still

    An Elephant Sitting Still


    Under China’s bleak skies, men and women, young and old, wander in search of a place where things will be better. They all feel left alone in the agony of their daily struggles, a burden to others and innocent victims of events they can’t seem to control.

    Hu Bo’s An Elephant Sitting Still is an angry, lonely, hopeless and painful reflection on human life.

    A work of epic proportions.

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  • Springsteen On Broadway

    Springsteen On Broadway

    A spellbinding report of what went on at the Walter Kerr Theater. Through words and music and his own persona, Springsteen narrates the tale of a man, which is also the tale of many men and women, the tale of a town, which is also the tale of a nation, which is also the tale of the world, the tale of a certain period in time, which is also the tale of every other periods in time, past, present and…

  • Nebraska



    A poetic and melancholic portrait of a son and his aging father making a pointless and yet incredibly necessary journey through the bare landscape of Nebraska.

    A love letter to the bond between father and son and a masterful example of what only cinema can achieve.

    Nebraska touched me deep inside and I'm grateful to anyone who made it happen.