A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★

given I saw the first of these on a plane, I figured I ought to continue the franchise as Krasinski would want - on the back of a seat of a guy who is watching 2021's Cosmic Sin starring Bruce Willis. this one lacks the economy of the first QP, but its plot - or lack thereof - actually would have made more sense for the first movie, which in retrospect was kind of just table setting? I thought of the first as a genuinely romantic gesture from Krasinski to Blunt - giving her a schlock film she could act the shit out of - and therefore I find it fitting, I guess, that she totally phones it in here. the kids are great though - I love them, truly, I do. I kept thinking that if this was a YA book series that totally ignored the drama of the adults on the forefront and was just told from the POV of the kids (which is like 60% of what this flick is!), it would be essentially perfect. Cillian Murphy is well-suited to this type of flick - one of those actors you can put in anything (say, Peaky Blinders) and he'll do what he needs to do. I don't know, it's still so silly... everyone wordlessly shushing each other all the time... the wicker box for the baby... why do they have to take off their shoes to walk on sand? texted my mom "they did Djimon Hounsou so dirty" and she gave me the thumbs up react

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