House of Gucci

House of Gucci ★★

it's not so much that everyone is acting like they're in a different movie more than it is one movie featuring all the different kind of maniacs there are (and Jack Huston – great work, buddy!). I didn't mind it: there's a community theater feel to it, in good and bad ways, including its runtime. if you are interested even remotely on what it is like to be Italian, I think this movie could be a great primer

EDIT: I meant to mention this earlier but it slipped my mind. at one point in the film Lady Gaga aka Patrizia Reggiani/Gucci takes three containers of gelato out of her freezer that have seemingly been in there lid-less in little paper cups. when she opens the freezer, there's a big wave of water vapor - suggesting that the water content of the air in the kitchen (aka the humidity) is high. this is not a good way to store gelato and/or ice cream as gelato and/or ice cream, like many freezer products, suffers from freezer burn. if you're going to put unlidded gelato and/or ice cream into your freezer for safe-keeping, it should have wax paper or foil or something to prevent water droplets from contaminating it, else you will dilute the flavor and texture of the ice cream and/or gelato. I worked in the frozen desserts industry for many years and know what I am talking about

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