• Offside



    winsome and enraging

  • Last Things

    Last Things


    no rep theater screening laughter discourse but I did, on more than one occasion, find myself giggling with delight

  • Passages



    this is exactly how I behave after I finish yet another sterling entry on Letterboxd

  • Maybe I Do

    Maybe I Do

    worst of the year category off to a strong start. my review for The Wrap

  • Meyer from Berlin

    Meyer from Berlin


    got to chat about this film & comedy travelogues on How Would Lubitsch Do It? listen here!

  • Victim/Suspect



    over-produced & exploitative Netflix doc about violence towards women - must be a day ending in y. my review for The Wrap

  • Benediction



  • Atonement



    celebrating the 11th year since a good joe wright movie 🥰

  • Judy Blume Forever

    Judy Blume Forever


    98% of these artist docubios are truly artless & dull: this is no exception. I somewhat resent that I always feel obligated to specify that, like, fucking obviously I think Blume is a talented, worthy figure in the American lit world, despite this movie - and her involvement - being a waste of time & resources. most compelling part of the film is the extent to which Blume was frequently in communication thru letters with her fans - touching and worthy of its own story outside of pithy feminist reconsideration &, like, Samantha Bee talking head. my review for The Wrap

  • Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields

    Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields


    EmRata would kill for an ounce of the charisma Shields has. conventional clip show fare, mostly, but she's had almost an interesting enough life to justify it. my review for The Wrap

  • Abigail's Party

    Abigail's Party


    masterclass in how merely hearing someone say, "okay?" can get increasingly, bitterly funny over 105 minutes

  • The Seven Faces of Jane

    The Seven Faces of Jane


    it's not so much that I take issue with exquisite corpse as a form (though I do, in a commercial sense, at least) but more so that if you're going to ask an audience to engage with it, it shouldn't all be directors whose work is best suited for car commercials. my review for The Wrap