4:44 Last Day on Earth

4:44 Last Day on Earth ★★★★½


Ferrara's most humanistic film and Dafoe's best performance. An absolute workhorse of empathy and nihilism centered around a collective fate that unifies a broken population. A large part of the film's success is Ferrara's bare-bones manner in delivering its message; just too consistently touching to be ignored. His ability to showcase a powerful film in a restricted runtime prevails and results in one of the most beautiful, sentimental films I've ever seen; Ferrara peels back and reveals a rawness within every character on screen, whether it be Cisco, Cheung, or the evening news anchor through a common, futile pursuit of any happiness they can achieve before their sealed demise.

The overarching theme and real-world parallel of climate change only further corroborates Ferrara's idea of human nature: that we are innately selfish, always will be selfish, and have no true direction in our day-to-day life. The pullback of the curtain revealing the greed behind our eventual extinction acts as a wake-up call to our characters that's too late to counter. As a population, I can only hope we never reach 4:44.

Last Day on Earth's exploration of vessels stripped of all meaning and ambition drifting in a desolate, hollow world is a near-masterpiece that is sure to emotionally drain you.