Parasite ★★★★

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Although I was prepared for the themes, this film still left me discovering more on rewatch, further realizing how many layers to this there actually are.

The acting is still amazing. Not glossed or self-asserting but as subtle and realistic as it needs to be and more. Can't see how anything else coming out this year will be able to top this ensemble.

I take back my complaint about some scenes going on too long. Although it holds a 130-minute runtime, everything still manages to feel so meticulous and purposeful that I can't help but admire Bong Joon-ho's script and direction even more than I already did.

Watching this with my mom was a joy. Introducing her to her first foreign film and seeing how much she enjoyed it was a huge relief. The comedy and finale were highlights for her. I think she loved it even more than I did. An 8 or 9/10 from her.

Parasite holds up even better on second watch, and I'm hoping it plays near me come October, so I can actually support this and experience it in a theater.

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