Upgrade ★★★★½

Mom: Aren’t you happy? You have your life back?
Grey: Yea I can walk again 
Mom: If Ashe were here she’d want you to be happy
Grey: yea well she’s not 

Britt and me rewatched and laughed at Leigh Whannell’s sophomore effort The Invisible Man last night. Didn’t bother logging. Hollywood woke fest that isn’t half as smart or thrilling as it thinks it is. Having said all that felt Leigh Whannell knocked it out the park with his debut Upgrade here. This is original, funny, dark, intelligent. A Cautionary Sci-Fi action thriller...my fav aspect is it has the balls to end brutally/coldly even if it does cop out a little bit...Logan Marshall Green (knock off Tom Hardy) is strong here as Grey, a man hesitant of technology in a future society all to reliant on it, who finds himself giving in fully to it for revenge....it’s interesting how he slowly loses himself to it. Very well written. One of the better films of 2018

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