Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★★

H: And I do bear a grudge 

Now that’s a proper fuckin movie! I loved this!!! A fucking badass action movie, slick ass heist flick, and kick ass British crime/revenge flick! I had a blast seeing this with my brother in theaters! Guy Ritchie is back big time! Statham was badass here and the rest of the cast kicked ass too! Gonna edit this later and speak further on it! My highest recommendation!
Edit: Let me say there actually are some plot holes, but I didn’t care. This all really worked for me. The action, the atmosphere. Guy Ritchie did an awesome job with this and gonna look into the original flick they made from this now. This is a fuckin Old School bad ass testosterone fueled man’s flick and I love it for that. 
Scott Eastwood will never be Clint Eastwood. He’ll never be a badass like his Dad. He’s a pretty boy and doesn’t have the balls, stamina swagger his old man had. Born in the wrong generation I’m afraid, but He’s still pretty decent here as a villain. I really liked Josh Hartnett’s return in a flick on the big screen. His character surprised me a bit as well as some other characters here. Always a pleasure to see the great character actor Jeffrey Donovan show up. Holt McCallany, Eddie Marsan, and Andy Garcia leave a mark too. There is some dark shit here on the quest for Statham’s character’s revenge I wasn’t expecting at all, and it all comes together very well. This was like Den of Thieves Meets The Long Good Friday plus HEAT and The Friends of Eddie Coyle with a dash of (original) Get Carter. I was really hyped when I saw the trailer a month or so ago....it exceeded my expectations! Guy Ritchie is in proper form here! See it ASAP in theaters!!!
H: Worry about putting your arsehole...back in your arsehole

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