Shame ★★★★½

I think the first time I watched Shame, I was so focused on Michael Fassbender's perfect body that I left behind the actual meaning of the film. Since I watched it, I knew that I needed to watch it again to understand it better (and because I wanted to see Michael again, to be honest). So, I did, I rewatched it with Alexandra. And yes, I loved it.

Shame is the perfect/hurtful portrait of how an addiction can destroy not only the addicted itself, but everything around him/her. Indeed, it's one of the saddest films I've seen. The usage of all shapes of blue to represent sadness might be one the most beautiful but deppresing things I've seen. Michael Fassbender gives the performance of his life, and Steve McQueen achieves one of the best directing I've seen in a film. A must watch.

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