• The Many Saints of Newark
  • Spiral: From the Book of Saw

    Spiral: From the Book of Saw


    good god when Hello Zepp hits........

  • A Glitch in the Matrix
  • haveababy



    the moralities of this are...sketchy at best, the concept of deciding what people are worth your time as a medical professional to receive treatment is kinda dubious.

    a fertility clinic holds a yearly contest to decide what couple (or person) will win free IVF treatment from them. there's a moment in the film when someone expresses their hesitance on picking one winner to get the treatment, and the doctor goes "for those who say there shouldnt be a contest, i…

  • The Limey

    The Limey


    5 star editing gone to waste on an overplayed story

  • Ringing Bell

    Ringing Bell

    "if the world youre living in is a hell, then im willing to live there with you."

    one of my favorite takes on the concept of survivor's guilt and the unintentional cycles of abuse

  • Don't Look Away
  • Dark Night

    Dark Night

    some nice cinematography wasted on an absolutely substance-less film. for every relevant scene, there were about 15 different scenes leading up to it of people just standing or walking set to 1 of the 2 songs repeated throughout the movie. not much of anything going on here, and while this may have a short runtime, i sure did feel every single second of it.

  • @urFRENZ



    david lynch wishes he could come up with this level of twists and turns!

  • Hereditary



    this made me so uncomfortable in one scene that i almost had to walk out...i consider myself to be unfazed by movie content or horror in general but this absolutely got to me. definitely one of the most eerie and terrifying movies ive seen in a long, long time

  • Lost River

    Lost River


    "everybody's looking for a better life somewhere.
    and maybe, we'll find some one day."

  • They



    the film industry is really out there like "ok, you can either have an lgbt themed movie _or_ a good movie. but you can only pick one!" like...thanks. this was useless. a good attempt, but lacked any real direction or interest in anything.